Trailer Bem Aventurado - Largometraje Ficamazonía 2019


An old priest from a small country town works in a decaying church praying masses and listening to confessions of the few remaining poor inhabitants. One day a devil is sent from hell to torment the life of the parish. However, the emissary reveals his mission to the priest and declares the desire to change sides. Tired of practicing evil he desires to do good. Reluctant at first the priest agrees to help the devil. Thus begins the misadventures of the old priest and the restless devil.
The story is based on a tale writen by the rusian writer Leonid Andreiev, in the XIX century. Considered an adult fable, this story was adapted for the cinema and set in the interior of rural Brazil of the nineteenth century.

– Director: Tulio Viaro
– Productor: Tulio Viaro
– Guión: Tulio Viaro
– Protagonísta: Duda Paiva